"It is (ME/CFS) like some great constricting snake that denies its victims the final convulsion." Llewellyn King

"A CFS patient feels the same or worse than congestive heart failure. The same or worse than late stage AIDS." Nancy Klimas: View video here.

"A CFS patient feels every day significantly the same as an AIDS patient feels two months before death." Dr. Mark Loveless, AIDS and CFS researcher, in a statement to congress on CFS Awareness day, May 12th, 1995.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where we aren't, anymore.

Today is May 12th. It is International CFS/ME Awareness Day.

I have watched it come every year for appx. 15 years of the 17 I have been ill with CFS/ME. I try to be involved, but sometimes it is just futile. I try to write letters; send emails. Usually, I end up watching it leave with a sense of defeat, and paying acutely and severly for the expended energy I seemingly used in vain.

Last year on October 9, 2009, Science published a study done between the WPI, CC and NCI. It detailed an association between CFS/ME and XMRV. There's so much information on this blog about this already, so I am by-passing the details.

For me, saying that the results of this study marked a watershed ping on the CFS/ME horizon of possibilities is an understatement. IMHO, this discovery has the potential to sever our being held hostage in an endlessly bleak and unfathomable CFS/ME nebula.  I feel we've never been closer to an answer, and possibly treatments. And if we can't make the world aware of us as much as we want today?, my wish is that all PWC's (Patients with CFS/ME) ON THIS PLANET are aware of what has changed towards the positive for us since October 9, 2009.

So, at 11:21 am, on this day of May 12th, 2010, I proclaim that we are on a New pilgrimage. We are rising up. We are strengthend with a restored covenant of new actualities; intent on manifesting our dreams of thriving in health and abundance, as is the right of every human.  Turn Left HERE!  Where we were has been blinked out of existence. It's in the stars people.

˙·٠•●♥ ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Want to help?  Visit the Whittemore Peterson Institute and donate. ANY amount helps.

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