"It is (ME/CFS) like some great constricting snake that denies its victims the final convulsion." Llewellyn King

"A CFS patient feels the same or worse than congestive heart failure. The same or worse than late stage AIDS." Nancy Klimas: View video here.

"A CFS patient feels every day significantly the same as an AIDS patient feels two months before death." Dr. Mark Loveless, AIDS and CFS researcher, in a statement to congress on CFS Awareness day, May 12th, 1995.


In memoriam of WPI, and facebook  ME/CFS, and Fibromyalgia, friends and family members, who have died since the release of the Mikovits Science paper on October 9, 2009.

You will Always be with us.

Note: This is a work in progress. I will try and get all the facts as accurate as possible, about their life, and their deaths. If you find something in error, please let me know. As well, if there is something you want people to know about any of the above, I am happy to include it. Email me at toadlily.gamer@gmail.com.

Jack De Luca, died January 5, 2010, at the age of 66

   Aylwin Catchpole, died August 9, 2010.  

Aylwin (Jennifer) Catchpole's Memorial facebook page

   Kyle, died August 2, 2010, at age 28.

Rest in Peace